Miss Le Boutillier – Teacher

Mrs Taylor – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Grantham – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Rana – Teaching Assistant

Our topic this half term is ‘Wheels, Wings and Moving Things’

In class we are looking at:

  • Personal Social and Emotional Development – This half term we will be helping the children to learn how to take turns without support, and understanding similarities and differences between ourselves and others.
  • Communication and Language – We will be sharing our experiences and listening to others and beginning to ask questions.
  • Physical Development – In our PE we will be learning how to dress ourselves in our PE kits and also learn gymnastics.
  • Phonics- We follow the ‘Letters and Sounds’ documentation, we are learning Phase 3.
  • Literacy– In Literacy we are learning how to label and learning about non-fiction.
  • Maths – Together we will be learning how to count to 20,  adding and subtracting single digit numbers, sharing, halving and doubling, recognising coins and measuring capacity.
  • Understanding the World – We are excited to learn about different vehicles and how vehicles work. We are also learning about different countries and their cultures.
  • Expressive Arts and Design – This term we will be learning how to access and use the appropriate resources in class.

Dates for your diary:

  • PE – Fridays

 Things you can do at home

There are lots of things that you can do to support your child’s learning at home. Most of these are really simple things that you are probably doing without realising!

  • When you go to the shops, look out for numbers or letters that your child can recognise and challenge them to find others.
  • Talk about pictures in books, what they think is happening and what might happen next. They could also talk about which page is their favourite and why.
  • Look at shapes when you are at home or out and about. What shapes do they recognise? What can they tell you about the shape?
  • Count out objects when setting the table, count how many cars you pass on the way to school…count whenever you can!
  • Help your child to write their name using different media…in the sand at the beach, using large chalk outside, in the mud! Make writing a fun experience.