School Council

Head Boy and Head Girl Nomination Speeches 2016-2017

This year at Beecroft Academy we have elected a school councillor from each class from Year 1 to Year 6. We chose the school councillors through a democratic vote. All children in the school had the opportunity to share their views and ideas for school council in a speech and then each child in the class voted for the child they wanted to become a school councillor.


Head Boy: Lucas

Head Girl: Sonia

Deputy Head Boy: Robert

Deputy Head Girl: Faye-Marie

Year 6 Representatives: Poppy and Reece

Year 5 Representatives: Nikhil and Luca

Year 4 Representatives: Zarah and Liam

Year 3 Representatives: Finley and Zoe

Year 2 Representative: Ethan and Miko

Year 1 Representatives: James and Mason


Our Successes in 2016/17:

  • We participated in The Great British Spring Clean
  • We worked with Dunstable Town Council on ‘The Good, Bad & Ugly’ project
  • We submitted our project to the Speakers School Council Awards 2017
  • We welcomed Andrew Selous MP, the mayor and mayoress, local councillors and police to the school to listen to our views and ideas
  • We joined the Smart School Council Community

Our Successes in 2015/16:

  • We have held elections for Head Boy & Girl (and deputies) to be chosen
  • We have held elections for all school councillors to be chosen
  • We asked each class to answer questions and then we used these to organise our missions
  • We completed a tidiness mission where we looked at organising some areas of the school, we had a big tidy up and now we have corridor monitors
  • We had 3 of our own stalls at the Christmas fair and we managed to raise over £50 to use on one of our fantastic ideas

School Council Mission Calendar 2015-2016