Staff List



Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Headteacher Mr James Hughes
Deputy Headteacher Mr Nick Hackett
Assistant  Headteacher  Mrs Chrissie Mitchell (on maternity leave)
Office and Finance Manager Mrs Maureen Phillips

Extended Leadership Team (ELT)

Early Years Leader Miss Laura Le Boutillier
Mathematics Coordinator – KS1 Miss Kate Woodman
Mathematics Coordinator – KS2 Mrs Debbie Watson
Upper Key Stage 2 Leader Mrs Sara Knight
English Coordinator Miss Jenny Ashman
SLE for English, Computing and Assessment Mrs Sarah Hughes

Teaching Staff

Early Years Teacher Miss Laura Le Boutillier
Early Years Teacher and SLE Mrs Natalie Clarke
Year 1 Class Teacher Mrs Kirsty Williams
Year 1 Class Teacher Mrs Rosie Willsher
Year 1 Class Teacher Mrs Chrissie Mitchell (on maternity leave)
Year 1 Class Teacher                                                                         Miss Linda Gwenin
Year 2 Class Teacher Miss Jenny Ashman
Year 2 Class Teacher Miss Kate Woodman & Mrs Liz Slough
Year 3 Class Teacher Mr Tom Buksztel
Year 3 Class Teacher Miss Alice Poole
Year 4 Class Teacher Miss Danielle Button
Year 4 Class Teacher Miss Katie Northwood
Year 5 Class Teacher Mrs Debbie Watson
Year 5 Class Teacher Mrs Anthea Cozens
Year 6 Class Teacher Mrs Sara Knight
Year 6 Class Teacher Mrs Sureka Govender
Year 6 Class Teacher Mrs Sarah Hughes
Sports Coach Mr William Hewitt
Computing Teacher/ Cover Supervisor Mrs Sandra Higgins
Phonics Teacher/ Cover Supervisor Mrs Sue Dixon
Cover Supervisor Mrs Margaret Whitehead
Intervention Teacher Mrs Kay Calder
Intervention Teacher Mrs Wendy King
DT and Art Intervention Teacher Mrs Norma Hrycia

Well Being Liaison Team

Well Being Liaison Officer Miss Rachael Clark
Assistant Well Being Liaison Officer

Inclusion Assistant

Mrs Tina Saunders

Support Staff

Reading Support Leader/ Nurture Group Leader Mrs Kim Jackson
Teaching Assistants Miss Pooja Tank
  Mrs Hailey Church
  Mrs Helen Collier
  Miss Laura Saunders
  Miss Clair Roe
  Miss Lauran Phillips
  Mrs Charlotte Bailey
  Mrs Lauren Hardy
 1:1 Teaching Assistants Mrs Dawn Room
  Miss Charlie Paine
  Mrs Jacqui Boulton
  Mrs Yasmin Shah
Buzz Bees Club Leader Mrs Tina Saunders
Buzz Bees Play Worker Mrs Angela Porter

Admin Team

Finance and Office Manager Mrs Maureen Phillips
School Receptionist and Administration Assistant 
Assessment and Finance Assistant Mrs Emma Taylor
Attendance and Administration Assistant  Mrs Veronica Reavey

Maintenance Team

Site Agent Mr Robert Money
Gardener Mrs Bessie Rogers

Catering Team

Catering Manager Mr Gary Hobbs (Hobbs Catering)

IT Support

IT Support Engineer Mr Chris Hill (Partnership Education)
IT Support Technician Mr Mathew Smith (Partnership Education)