Buzz Bees

Buzz Bees Care Club will provide a safe and secure environment for children, aged four to eleven years. It will be a comfortable and ‘homely’ place in which the children can relax.

The children who attend the Buzz Bees will take part in a range of creative and fun leisure opportunities. They will be given the chance to complete home learning activities, enjoy a range of interesting self- chosen and adult led task, explore arrange of healthy snack and have an exciting and fun experience.

The Club gives children a chance to make new friends, learn new skills, relax, take part in energetic but safe games and enjoy new experiences, all within a caring environment in which parents/carers can place their full confidence.

Buzz Bee’s registration number:


Opening hours

Breakfast club: 8:00am-8:45am (term time only). Children will be taken to registration from the club, therefore this session lasts until 9:00 am.
After school club: 3:30pm-6:00pm (term time only)
Children can attend Buzz Bees on a regular basis, e.g. every morning and/ or every afternoon, or on an occasional basis, as long as registration and booking forms have been completed in accordance with this policy (see details below)


The before and after school facility is lead and managed by the school. It is delivered by two members of staff (trained to a minimum of level two standard); they are specifically employed to provide the care at Buzz Bees.

Care Club co-ordinator: Mrs Tina Saunders
Play worker: Mrs Angela Porter


Part of the school building was developed in order that the vision behind the provision could be realised. It is situated in an area next to the school library and can be accessed via the school playground. It is a large space and has its own kitchenette and direct access to toilets.

Resources and equipment

The facility is furnished with comfortable sofas and a television, a large wooden table, a computer desk with computer, a home learning/ activity area and ‘free choice/toys’ activities. The children will have the opportunity to enjoy a range of resources and equipment that have been purchased specifically for the Buzz Bees.


The following activities are examples of those that will take place at Buzz Bees Care Club:

  • Home learning e.g reading,
  • Indoor, self-chosen activities e.g model making television (time limited) computer access,
  • Indoor, adult-led activities e.g arts and crafts,
  • Outdoor, self-chosen activities e.g ball games, skipping,
  • Outdoor, adult- supervised activities e.g. team games.
  • Snacks

The children who attend Buzz Bees will be provided with breakfast in the morning as long they are present at the Care Club by 8:25am. The children will also be offered a light tea in the afternoon as long as they remain in the Care Club after 4:30pm.

The Care Club aims to provide healthy choices both at breakfast time and after school. Fruit is available, and children are encouraged to eat it.

Breakfast menu (sample) Afternoon snack (sample)
  • Wholemeal toast with jam, Marmite, margarine.
  • Cereals
  • Milk or water
  • Baked beans or scrambled egg,
  • Wholemeal sandwiches with ham, cheese or a choice of spreads,
  • Fresh fruit,
  • Milk, water or squash


File icon: pdf Buzz Bees Care Club Booking Form July 2016 [pdf 396KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Buzz Bees Policy July 2016 [pdf 317KB] Click to download