What the children say about Beecroft

Patrick - 'I have liked learning new skills in tennis club. I have improved my blending in phonics. I am proud of learning how to double in maths.'
Jessica-Maria - 'I have enjoyed art club. I have liked making a fire engine. I am proud of being star of the week.'
Dru - 'I have enjoyed writing my own stories. I have liked outdoor maths lessons. My favourite story in English has been Little Red Riding Hood.'
Mia Rose - 'I am proud of being star of the week. I enjoyed making my fire engine. I liked learning dance moves in after school club.'
Ethan - 'In year 1 I enjoyed learning about the world and animals. I enjoyed learning about the Great Fire of London and I enjoyed writing stories.'

Rokia - 'Firstly, I would like to thank my teachers for all the new learning that awaited me. I've had an amazing year. I've loved every part of my learning.'

Oliver - 'Thank you teachers for preparing me for secondary school, I appreciate it.'

Daniel - 'I have enjoyed all of year 5 and really liked street art and sports day. I want to continue to work hard in year six.'