Forest Schools

The Forest School approach ensures that children receive a holistic education including: Physical, Intellectual, Language, Emotional, Social, and Spiritual development.

Children will participate in a sustained programme, which includes a range of activities, in a wild space area where they will be able to immerse themselves in nature and develop an appreciation and respect for the natural environment.

The learning takes place through a process, rather than product based approach. In many sessions, children will be given a task to complete and they will decide how to achieve it thus mastering problem solving skills. Children will learn that there is no wrong way of completing a task and the value of making mistakes. Throughout this process the children discover how they learn best and this therefore enables them to become confident better learners.

Activities and Games

Activities for Forest Schools are diverse and are designed to create independent learners who feel free to try out their own ideas, explore their own interests and thus cultivate intrinsic motivation.

Some activities might include:

  • Shelter building using natural resources
  • Shelter building using equipment provided by the FSL
  • Studying wildlife
  • Studying plants
  • Playing team games
  • Rope and string work
  • Art and sculpture work
  • Physical movement activities
  • Developing stories and role play
  • Circle time
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Using tools to create a variety of objects

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