Update – Autumn 2016

‘It makes me really happy.’ SH

‘It was really fun, I will be very happy to come back next week.’ PI

‘I think Forest School is nice and there are fun activities.’ NT

‘I’m happy because it’s outside.’ RB

‘I feel mega happy!’ NG

‘I didn’t know it was going to be so much fun.’ WW

‘I was really excited. It was really good – I feel happy now I’m in Forest School.’ SB


Forest School comments:

We go to Forest school every Wednesday. We do lots of good games. My favourite thing was using the Bothy Bag. First we held it up. then we pulled it down. Then we sat on it. Forest Schools is fun.



We go to Forest Schools every Wednesday to have fun in the woods whilst doing exciting stuff.

I enjoyed using the Bothy Bag the most.

First we put the Bothy Bag in front of us and held onto the edge.

Next we put it over our heads.

After that we pulled it down behind our knees.

Finally we sat down.

Also I enjoyed conker tag because it is exciting.

Forest Schools is a happy place to be.



Fantastic Forest School

We go to forest school every  wednesday in the afternoon. We do fun things at forest school.

My favourite  activity in forest schools is  conker tag.

First the  person who is in charge chooses the person to be the tagger.

Next  you go find a space.

Then you need to  run away from the  tagger .

Finally if you get tagged  you  need  to give the person your conker.

I also enjoyed using the bothy bag on the field.

Forest schools is outstanding.



Exciting Forest School

We go to Forest School every Wednesday in the afternoon. We learn how to be safe in the woods whilst doing fun activities.

My favourite activity was conker tag.

First collect conkers.

Next choose a tagger.

Then run around.

After that if you get caught you stand like a star shape and give them your conker.

I also really enjoyed using the bothy bag because it is fun and warm.

We have fun at forest school.



Forest Schools

We go to forest school every Wednesday in the afternoon.

My favourite game is the name game.

First say the name and animal of the person you will throw to.

Then throw the beanbag to them.

You also have to catch a beanbag from someone else.

It is brilliant fun.