Autumn Term 2017 Blog 1

In Forest School we do lots of things like games, safety things and going to the forest. We think that you will love it and that you will want to go again. So be happy and be passionate.



We do Forest School every week. We do fun activities outside. We learn about seeds and what trees they come from and what leaves come from which tree. We use a lot of teamwork to help each other. Forest School has been great. I wish I could do it again.



At the forest we play and learn. I love Forest School because we are having fun and we are happy.



At Forest School we play games and the teacher makes us smile and does fun activities with us. We play outside. We sometimes go in the cabin and do activities. I love Forest School.





At Forest Schools we play games such as the shape game and the name game. My favourite thing about Forest Schools is that we get to experience the woods. Forest Schools is Amazing!



I like Forest School because we play games outside.

My favourite game was the name game because we have to remember each other’s name. The better we are the harder it gets. We got more beanbags if we concentrate more. Once we got 5 beanbags.

If you want to join in get in touch with Beecroft Academy.



Forest School is a place for children where for the afternoon we play games. We play games outside or sometime we maybe go in the cabin. And we will maybe learn a few things too. I think Forest School is fun, enjoyfull, energetic and playful.

have fun

be happy