Autumn Term 2017 Blog 2 

In Forest School we do lots of outdoor activities and it is real fun.

We learnt to tie knots. The knots are awesome!

We also played a rope game where you make shapes, telling each other where to stand. We made a square, triangle, rectangle and hexagon. Then we did it blind folded.



At Forest School we do extraordinary outdoor activities.

My favourite activity was shelter building. We picked up sticks and let our imagination run free.

FANTASTIC Forest School.



Once a week we do Forest School. We do activities such as building shelters, tying knots and making dream catchers. We have lots of fun. You get to play outside. Best part for me.

My favourite part is the shelter building.

First we collected all of the sticks for shelter.

Then we laid it out.

Last of all we collected leaves and little bits of wood for benches.

I love Forest School because we get to be outside and learn.