Update – Autumn 2016

 Forest Explorers

Our old name was Forest School. At Forest School we decided to name it Forest Explorers instead.

We played the Name Game. We done sticky Elbows to make a circle. I thought of the name Bobby the bear. I was next to Mason the monkey he is my best friend.

I enjoy Forest Explorers because it’s excellent fun.



Forest School is the best! We go every Wednesday.

We use the bothy bay! We play the Name Game.

I enjoy making art sculptures.

First I choose to work with Lilly.

Next we collected some leaves and twigs.

Then we made a sculpture to show how we were feeling.


Forest Schools

Forest Schools is good because we go every Wednesday.

My favourite activity is the Name Game. We played the Name Game. First we put our elbows together and pulled them apart again to get into a circle. My name was Jodie the Giraffe and Bobby’s name was Bobby the Bear.

Do you like Forest Schools? Well I do!


Forest Explorers

We go to forest school on Wednesdays.

At Forest School I enjoy sitting under the bothy bag and I liked playing the Name Game. It was so much fun playing the Name Game. First we had to name ourselves and the person on our right or left.

The names were: Faith the fish, Mason the monkey, Lily Rose the leopard, Ryley the Rhino, Jodie the Giraffe, Bobby the Bear and Leah the lion.

Next we threw the balls to each other and had to catch them and throw the balls.

Finally I like Forest School because we get to do exciting things.


Forest Schools is fun. We go every Wednesday afternoon.

I enjoyed using the Bothy bag.

First we count one to three.

Secondly we go under the bothy bag.

Then we sit down on the bothy bag.

I love forest Schools because you get to have fun.



Forest Schools

We now do forest school & play games, art & obviously lessons. 

At forest school we played the Name Game were we do sticky elbows (we connect our elbows) connect our knees and go CLOOP! I was a monkey.

Secondly we play the leaf identification. I worked in a pair. We got the Canada tree because the leaf looks like the Mable leaf.

I like Forest School because it is really fun.


Forest Explorers

We go to Forest Club once a week, on Wednesday in the afternoon.

Firstly   we made art some of us made faces. When you do art you can’t get it wrong and it is all about your imagination.

After that we made a shelter out of a Bothy Bag.

Do you like forest club?

I do!