Amazing Forest School!

Forest School is a fun and enjoyable lesson, it helps your body move and muscles relax. It is amazing, fabulous, wonderful.

All you need is

Socks not uniform spare clothes and wellington boots and a coat hat, scarves and gloves would be great.

My favourite moment is when we hid a present and had to find it.

Beecroft is the best place for Forest School. We learn to be safe in the forest and we play tag and stuck in the mud. That’s a lot of fun.

I like the running activities because it gets your body moving.

How I feel after Forest School

I feel up and about and can’t stop moving, come join us in the fun.


A Taste of Forest School

Forest School is fun packed, with adventures and games. So if you want to get a taster of Forest |School read on ...

My favourite bit about Forest School is everything. You get to make friends and do some activities. But my actual favourite part is when you have compasses and you have to track a container with a compass and when you have to get hoops and help a friend from an island.

So I hope you have a safe and adventurous day.


The Amazing Forest School Experience!

In Forest School you can do all sorts of fun things! Even the most boring maths activity can be turned into fun! If you want to know more about Forest School, read on …….

You do lots of learning about nature but you also play games while you are learning, which is even more fun! My favourite activity was map marking. You had a map of the school field and a pot. You are in teams and you both have to agree on where you are going to put it. Once you have hid it mark where it is on a map with a whiteboard marker. Finally you swap maps and find each other’s pot.

What type of clothes should you wear?

Now on the topic of clothes! You don’t want to wear brand new clothes because you are going to get muddy. You would want to wear some old clothes, tracking bottoms and wellies or old trainers. Your shoes are going to get a bit muddy, so you might want to get the mud off after.


Fabulous Forest School

Do you want to have fun and be active at the same time? If you do sign up for Forest School! Forest School is fun because you get to do lots of fun activities outside all afternoon and do lots of running about.


In Forest School you get to do activities like Treasure Hunting and you get to learn all about the school’s garden and everything in it. Forest School is a great way to do all the fun activities you want to do in school in the afternoon. You get to have fun with your favourite teachers and participate in cool activities.

Forest School is very fun to do because instead of being trapped inside you get to run around outside and have fun. You also get to have fun with your classmates.


The Tremendous Forest School

Welcome to Forest School! Read this to learn more! I’m sure you will love Forest School. You get to be out for two hours straight and do lots of activities!

Here are some activities to get your attention:

The colour game, the name game, the finding game and more!

What you need to wear.

You need to put more and more layers on to keep yourself warm, not take layers off. You also need to wear boots of trainers and take a water bottle.

Just remember to keep warm!


Fabulous Forest School

If you don’t know what Forest School is then I will explain. Forest School is basically brilliant and very thrilling outdoor activities where you can learn about nature. You also do physical activity during that amazing time!

Luckily Forest School is for all the year groups and lasts all afternoon!

I hope you will enjoy Forest School as much as I do because it is great fun for physical education as well as nature education!


All About Epic Forest School!

What do you learn about in Forest School?

We learn about lots of different things in Forest School. Such as team games, learning about forests, staying safe and much, much more. It is very fun.

What are my favourite outdoor activities?

My favourite outdoor activities in Forest School have been learning about the different types of seeds and which tree they belong to, guiding a blindfolded person through some cones and hiding presents outside. That was epic.

How do I feel about Forest School?

I enjoy Forest School a lot and I wish it did not have to end. I think the other children who are going to do Forest School are really going to enjoy it. The reason I enjoyed it was because of the amazing people that run Forest School. Thank you so much for making it fun!!