Reception experiments

Year 1 - How strong is spaghetti?

Year 1 explored how much weight spaghetti could hold as a cluster compared to individually.

Year 2 - Does the shape of a balloon affect how far it will travel?

During science week we tested a theory based on the size of a balloon and how far it would travel.

Year 3 - Do our other senses affect taste?

We explored how different foods taste with limiting senses such as being blindfolded and losing sight as well as holding our noses and limiting smell.

Year 4 - Density - How dense are different liquids?

We looked at different types of liquids. We explored how dense each of these were by making our own lava lamps.

Year 5 - Creation of a magic potion

Year 6 - Rockets & Body Variation

File icon: pdf Science week experiment pictures - Rhinos [pdf 549KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Science week experiment pictures - Leopards [pdf 506KB] Click to download