Extreme Weather



As the bad weather begins to set in, I would just like to remind everyone to take extra care when walking on any icy ground and/or pavements, and whilst driving on the icy roads.

Also, please ensure that your child is wearing suitable shoes to school, as this will help them avoid falling over in the event of bad weather. It is fine for children to come to school in outdoor boots and then change into their school shoes once inside.

Additionally, please keep a close eye on your child before and after school on the playground; during the cold months it is advisable to keep them close by in order to keep them safe.



Should the school close due to bad weather the following will happen:

  • A group call message will be sent out before 8:00am on that day.
  • The home page of the website will be updated with information. We will update our Twitter account @BeecroftAcademy
  • Radio announcements on Three Counties or Heart FM. Please do not try to ring the radio stations to find out if the school is closed. Telephone lines will be busy and they may prevent a vital call reaching the News Centre.


If the school is open

  • Please do not arrive before 9:00am to allow staff and children time to travel to school.
  • Arrive in suitable footwear – don’t forget your hat, scarf and gloves.
  • Bring a change of shoes.
  • Bring a change of clothes – jogging bottoms are a good idea.

On coming to school please ensure that the school is open and that you speak to a member of staff before leaving your child.

It is the parents’ decision as to whether or not it is safe to travel, please do not take any risks if you live some distance away.

Children may be allowed to play out in the snow but the school makes a daily risk assessment to assess the suitability of children playing outside. We do not allow children to throw snow balls.

If there is heavy snow during the day, please collect your child early from 1:30pm onwards.

It is the school’s responsibility to clear and grit one main pathway around the school in times of ice and snow. Please keep to the cleared pathway. The school cannot be held responsible if parents choose to walk on uncleared pathways.

It is also possible for you to receive an update directly from Central Bedfordshire Council.  In order to receive this update, you will need to register on Central Bedfordshire Council's SOS system:

You will then receive an email which contains instructions on how to 'activate' your account which will include a ’one off' activation code:

  • The next time you want to edit your details, type in your email address and password.

Please make sure that the school office has your up to date contact details.  Your support in this matter is always very much appreciated.